There is an App for that…A Box Top App

boxtopappBox Tops have released a new App… and I  set out to try it this weekend.

Here is how it works:

  • You download the app from the apple store or google play.
  • You review the items on the list and go shopping.
  • Once you have received your receipt you select the items from the app -> scan your receipt -> select process

What did I think:

  • It’s pretty easy once you understand what they need to see in the scan of your receipt.  It took me three tries to get my receipt accepted, but it was pretty painless. Make sure that your date of sale, line items, receipt total and store are clearly identified in the picture you took  of your receipt.
  • The app provides clear feedback on why your receipt was not processed. For example: Items not found or total missing. It also sends you an email to your Box Top account.
  • I purchased three items  on the app (35 items were eligible). Green Gables earned $1.00 on three items my family purchased.  I can quickly see that  money in the school account.  That was probably easier then cutting, saving, and gluing.

Why Box Tops:

Green Gables has been participating in the Box Top program since 2013. We have earned $7,257.13 over the last 4 years. That’s ALOT of box tops!  Now, some would say it’s not worth the effort. I say I eat the products anyhow I might as well help out the school.

During our experiment I only purchased 3 out of the 35 eligible app products on the list. It took me three tries to get the receipt to process ….but we have a dollar in our Green Gables account. Noone had to clip.. and I have 3 box tops to turn in on a collection sheet in January . So my vote is give it a try.


Here is some more info on the program:

  • Participating Products
  • Collection Sheets
    • Turn Clipping into a Math or Art exercise:
      • Estimate the number that you have stored.
      • Organize in 10’s
      • Use a chart or graph
      • Guess how much we will collect this year.  (When was our highest year, what is our average, how can we improve)
      • Calculate your savings when you combine the app, coupons, and store coupons.
      • Design your own collection sheet
  • Coupons


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