Explore our library from Jeffco Connect

Did you know you can explore our Green Gables library from your Jeffco Connect site?

You can! Let’s take a look at how you can earn those extra raffle tickets for exploring new genres, reading a new book, an ebook or simply picking out the right level book for your kiddo!

Steps to complete:

  1. Log into Jeffco Connect
  2. From the left side menu select District Library
  3. Select Elementary schools
  4. Select Green Gables Elementary from the dropdown
  5. Enter any word in the search criteria to open up our library page
  6. Logging in will open up more options for you to explore
    1. User ID: Your student ID (located on the Jeffco Connect home page in the student information window  or on any report card)
    2. Password: The last four digits of your student ID
  7. You then can start to explore from the menu : Ebooks, book by level, book by genre

NOTE: On your mClass report your kiddo had a TRC Reading level. Here is a helpful link to convert that reading level to an AR or lexile level .   Using our library search you can search by Lexile level or AR Level  for reading level appropriate books for your kiddo. Research has shown that having a child read at their level improves confidence. Let’s be honest though as long as they reading… whatever they are reading ….that is a good thing.. Right? If you don’t want to be so technical about reading  levels the IPICK method also helps kiddo select a book from the library.




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