Henry | The Reading Wonder Dog

Who is Henry ?

Henry is a very a special dog. He helps children at school with reading, patience, and kindness. Henry is a recent graduate of the HABIC ( Human Animal Bond in Colorado) program.

We are very excited to have  Henry  help our Green Gables families participate this summer in the Jefferson County Library “Rock the Books” Summer Reading program. Henry wants our  Green Gables families to read lot’s of minutes this summer. That’s right the whole family can participate!

Henry loves to read! He especially likes to encourage people to read even if they struggle and to keep on trying! Henry has lot’s of tips and tricks to help you read! You see Henry had a hard time learning at first , but you should see him now! Thru hard work, support, and patience Henry is  a thriving mentor and teacher. He has a great story… which we will tell you ALL about  very very soon.

The Jefferson County Library summer reading program will award the schools with the highest reading minutes an $800 grant. If  we as a county  read 40 million minutes the library will donate $500.00 to the Foothills Animal shelter to help  dogs like Henry find their forever home, and make a difference!

Henry is giving the Jefferson County Library summer reading program two paws up and is encouraging you all to register today to Rock the Books!

What does Henry need you to do today?

  1. Sign up today at Jeffcolibrary.org
  2. Choose Green Gables as your school
  3. Start logging your minutes as a family June 1st – July 31st !


Stay Tuned for Henry’s full story…

We know you will love to learn about Henry and how he became a therapy dog. His journey brought him all the way from a reservation in New Mexico to the suburbs of Colorado.

Henry  will be making appearances through out the summer on our GG PTA blog and Facebook page to encourage you to log those minutes this summer and ROCK THE BOOKS!

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