Henry| Takes a Summer Class to sniff out crime

We have some exciting news to share with you about our friend Henry The Wonder Reading Dog! Henry and his handler Patti recently took a summer class together. Henry knows that even though it is summer break it is important for him and his handler to keep their skills sharp by continuing to learn and practice over the summer break.

Henry earned his “Pups on Patrol” credentials from the Denver Police Department – District 3 yesterday.  He worked with Officer Jim Lopez.

Every few weeks, Denver Police Department invites dog owners to attend their Pups on Patrol class to allow dogs and their handlers to be certified in helping to sniff out crime in the Denver Metro area. The Pups-On-Patrol program gives dog owners (and dogs), the tools and tricks to effectively observe and report suspicious activity. So now Henry The Wonder Reading Dog is helping to take a bite out crime by being an extra set of eyes and ears for the Denver Police Department. Through hard work and continuous training Henry the Wonder Reading Dog has gone from an abandoned hurt stray to one great dog helping kiddos and keeping our communities safe. We are so proud of him and his handler. Go Henry!

You can learn more about the Pups on Patrol program by watching this quick video on Frankie Frankie is also a certified Pups on Patrol.

SMM: Pups on Patrol

SUNDAY MATINEE MINUTE: PUPS ON PATROLFrankie is just one of 137 honorary Denver Police K-9's certified through our Pups on Patrol program and today we're taking you on patrol with her! Watch now to learn about the program and if you (and your pup) are interested in joining, the next training class is December 12, 2017 at the Denver Police District 1 station. To RSVP, please email robert.gibbs@denvergov.org.

Posted by Denver Police Department on Sunday, December 3, 2017

What can you do to keep your skills sharpened over the summer break?

Henry is encouraging you all to continue to sharpen your reading skills over the summer break by registering for and participating in the Jefferson County Library Rock the Books free summer reading program. Register today and start logging minutes beginning June 1st.

Henry’s Challenge

Henry is challenging our leprechauns to log the most minutes for a Jefferson County Elementary school and have a chance to win an $800.00 for our school. He is also challenging the entire county to log 40 million minutes for a $500.00 donation to the Foothills Animal Shelter to help his fellow friends that have not found their forever home.

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