Henry the Reading Wonder Dog| My First Book Review

What’s Henry Up To?

Henry recently went on a trip to Steam Boat Springs with his handler and his best friend Kai. Like Henry Kai is also a rescue dog. They hang out a lot over the summer months because they both like adventure and helping humans.

During his down time on his adventures Henry listened to the book I was a Third Grade Spy by Mary Jane Auch.

He is giving the book two paws up!

Henry’s Book Review| I was a Third Grade Spy By Mary Jane Auch

The story was told from Arful’s perspective. I like reading books when they are told by a dog. I am after all a dog!

The boys -Brian, Josh and Dougie tried to hypnotize Arful so he would become a cat.  The cat thing did not work, but guess what… Arful learned to talk! It’s amazing what you can learn even if you don’t expect it!

An announcement was made about an upcoming School Talent Contest.  The boys wanted to win but did not know what they could perform for a talent.  What was their talent?  Should it be a magic trick?  They needed to find a talent.

The girls -Emily, Lissa and Cara were planning for the talent show and they wanted to win.

The boys made a bet with the girls if the boys lose, the girls get to boss them around for a week in school.

It was boys vs girls who would win?

The boys started ‘Operation Dog Spy’ which included sending Arful to the girl’s talent show meetings and report back insider details. The girls did not know that Arful could talk, they just thought he was cute so he was invited into their meetings. When Arful would come back to report his findings he could not remember exactly what the girls discussed. Maybe it was French Cooking? So the boys tried to make a soufflé to compete – no luck – what a mess.

The talent show date was approaching fast.  The boys tried to have Arful learn how to tell jokes.   Having a dog tell jokes is very hard, even when you can talk.

On the day of the talent show, the girls are performing.  Arful was waiting with the boys for their turn and all Arful wanted to do was play stick.  He reeked habic on the girls performance, but we will leave the details for you to read. Let’s just say that Arful got into trouble. A LOT OF TROUBLE .

Have you ever wanted to compete with the girls or boys in your class?
Have you learned something unexpected?
What’s your hidden talent?


Henry’s Book Rating| Two Paws up!

Three key things to help you write a book review: https://www.weareteachers.com/teaching-book-reviews/

  1. Make a Personal Connection
  2. Include a summary of the book
  3. Make a Connection to the larger world

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