Henry the Reading Wonder Dog| Checks out Audio Books

So it’s probably clear to most of you that I am dog! So I love to look at pictures in books and listen to my handler read aloud while I follow along, but I also love to listen to audio books, podcasts, ebooks, and books on CD’s. The best thing about audiobooks for me is I can relax with my favorite toy (Moose) while listening to a great story!

You should try it! Ebooks, podcasts, and audio books all count towards your minutes for the Jefferson County Library Rock the Books Summer Reading Program.

At last update Green Gables was number 8 in reading minutes out of all of the Jefferson County Elementary Schools.

EIGHT is great.. but wouldn’t ONE be much more FUN?

Jefferson County library Ebooks:

Did you know that your library card gives you access to Ebooks? There are a few options from Jefferson County Library check them out here: https://jeffcolibrary.org/faq/ebook/ .

I tried a few and here are my reviews:


I am a HUGE Youtube fan and I really like Dude Perfect! You know the guys who do crazy basketball shots? Recently I downloaded their ebook from Hoopla Go Big.  I can get 10 titles a month on there and I can listen to the audio while I read the pdf.

Axis 360

Axis 360 is a really great resource for me!  I can download the book and I can even read it in a browser. You can download the app to your phone and download items for reading offline. I even found Harry Potter on there! I recently used this option for a drive up to the mountains.

Reading on the Web

Keeping up with all that information out there on the web is a “Ruff” job, so I use some of these sites to help me find articles that I like. Check them out !

Newsela – Is a free download for your Iphone. You can set your reading level, set topic favorites, search for content, and have the article be read to you!

DogoNews–  Well isn’t obvious why I like this site? Hello I am dog! On this site I searched for an article on dogs and had the system read to me about a Labrador Retriever who rides the city bus solo and takes himself to the park. My handler did not think the article was a good idea, but I got a big chuckle listening to this dogs antics as he explored the outside world without a leash!

Stewards Resources Master Library – You can select your grade level to view and hear text. Every word on the page is clickable so you can see the different words and syllables, and really master that decoding thingy!


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