Henry the Reading Wonder Dog| Visits the Denver Public Library

In an earlier Henry the Reading Wonder Dog  post we shared with you  how Henry took a summer class and earned his “Pups on Patrol” credentials from the Denver Police Department. This means that Henry goes on lot’s of adventures with his handler interacting with people and spreading the joy he brings to people as a certified Therapy Dog.

This weekend he visited the Denver Public Library and took a shady break under the 21 ft red chair with Yerling that stands outside of the library.

Henry gives his adventure downtown two paws up!

We were curious the story behind the Yerling and chair sculpture and so we did some research on the web.

Turns out “The Yearling” by Donald Lipski was originally commissioned for an elementary school in upper Manhattan.   Lipski stated he wanted “to give kids something that would really be a cause for wonder.” The school district asked Lipski to remove the horse. He refused because he felt without the yerling the sculpture “lost it’s magic”.  The Yerling spent 1997 in New York City’s Central park, and traveled to Denver in 1998 where it permanently sits today at the downtown library.

What do you think about the sculpture?

  • Would you have removed the horse?
  • What color would you have made the chair?
  • When you look at the sculpture what do you think?

Where have your travels brought you this summer?

  • Have you traveled outside of the state?
  • Have you done something at home?

Think about how you can capture your favorite memories of the summer to share with others.

Some ideas include:

  • Create a memory board and paste your pictures
  • Create a photo book
  • Start a journal
  • Sketch some pictures
  • Create a video
  • Gather things that remind you of your travels or memories and put them in a shoe box to share with others

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