Got 10 Minutes to spare| Check out how we earned $10.00 in 10 minutes

10 minutes of effort just earned our school $10.00

Did you know you can earn extra box tops by using the Box Top app?

For years we have all been  clipping and saving Box Tops from participating products. As a PTA we turn in our Box Tops twice a year. We will send our Fall Collection at the end of October.   But did you know you can earn extra box tops by using the app?

The Box Top for education app for android and iphone allows registered BoxTop users to log into the app scan their grocery store receipts for participating products,  and earn additional boxtops for certain products all from your phone.

Box Top in conjunction with Sam’s Club is doing a promotion until 9/28. If you buy 3 participating items from Sam’s Club -> scan your receipt using the app -> They will put $10.00 in our account. (That’s like 100 box tops!)

My Experiment and Proof!

I too was a little skeptical if this would actually work. I mean $10.00 worth of box tops for a little over  $30.00 of product. It sounded too good to be true. I had used the app in prior years to scan grocery receipts, but it seemed like a lot of work for .40 cents. I had not done it all online before, and by no means was $10.00 100 box tops on the line!

So I decided to test it out..and guess what it worked! I clicked on the Sam’s Club offer from the Box Top Website -> logged into my Sam’s account-> I ordered my three products online (but you can do it from the store as well and if you are Sam’s club plus member it’s FREE SHIPPING) -> I opened up the Box Top app pointed it at my computer and scanned the order confirmation on my computer to the Box Top app ->  48 hours later the app showed processed-> still a bit skeptical I checked our school account. BOOM $10.00 in about 10 minutes.


Whether you clip or scan… save those Box Tops.. it does make difference $8,452.77 in 4 years.




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