Welcome to the Green Gables PTA website.

We know your time is valuable and we appreciate you visiting our Green Gables PTA page.

Our goal simple: Provide our Green Gables students, staff, and families with valuable resources and events that help build community and success at Green Gables Elementary.

Our mission: Have fun, get involved, and make our school shine thru activities and events that brings all of our lucky Green Gables supporters together in support of our kids, school, and community.

What we do?

The Green Gables PTA is comprised of volunteer parents and their members. Together we help supplement funds for the classroom, technology, and student’s needs. We organize events designed to build a strong community for our staff, students, community, and GG families.

Why become a member?

As a member of the Green Gables PTA you will receive exclusive access to PTA communications, parent contact information, newsletters, and discounts with our national and local business partners. We accept Green Gables membership from local businesses, community members, individual GG staff and family. There really is no limit to the number of memberships a family can have. For additional information on membership see our membership page.

How to volunteer for an event?

We welcome all levels of participation. Your level of participation is up to you. View our current events page and membership page for additional information.

How do I participate in PTA meetings?

Everyone is welcome to come to our board meetings whether you are a member or not. We always welcome your participation!

The 2018/2019 PTA meeting schedule is as follows:

  •  Thursday                September 6, 2018                           5:30
  •  Monday                  October 15, 2018                               5:30
  •  Monday                  November 12, 2018                          5:30
  •  Monday                  January  14, 2019                             5:30
  •  Monday                  February 11, 2019                             5:30
  •  Monday                  March 4, 2019                                   5:30
  •  Monday                  April 15, 2019                                   5:30
  •  Monday                  May 13, 2019                                     5:30

** All Meetings are in the library unless otherwise posted.

Our goal is to inform you and encourage you to participate in your kiddos education. The Green Gables PTA website has a slew of information designed for you to learn more about our organization and activities.  Reach out to member of the Green Gables PTA today! We would love to hear from you contact us today.