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Green Gables 2018/2019 PTA Board
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PTA President, Cindy : greengablesptapresident@gmail.com

I am a mom of two kids, who will be attending Green Gables during the 2018-19 school year. I am also former Jeffco student, along with many people my extended family. I got involved in the Green Gables PTA by just attending a few meetings to see what was going on, and here I am! I am hoping to grow everything about our PTA in the 2017-18 school year, including expanding our fundraising efforts, increasing our membership and volunteers, and increasing the school community that attends our the great events throughout the year. Don’t be afraid to jump in, we’re all here with the goal of making our kid’s time at Green Gables a memorable experience!

Vice President, Kendra  : greengablesptavicepresident@gmail.com

I am a mom of a 4th grader and 1st grader during the 2018-2019 school year.  I have volunteered in the classroom and library for the past three years and look forward to continuing to support the school.  The PTA has benefited our family and is a great way for families to serve this amazing school community.  I look forward to helping to expand the PTA’s outreach to further impact the students of Green Gables.

Secretary, Bridget  : greengablesptasecretary@gmail.com

I am a mom of a 4th grader and a 4 year old. As a former Jeffco teacher, I am acutely aware that family engagement helps children thrive in school. I’m excited to see how families at Green Gables can partner with Green Gables staff and community members to continue to make positive advancements in our school. Raising kids is a team effort, and I’m excited to see what this school year brings!

Treasurer, Michelle : greengablesptatreasurer@gmail.com

I am a photographer and mom of three. Two of my kids attend Green Gables in 4th Grade and in 1st grade. I love being involved in the school when I can so I decided the PTA board was the way to go. I am excited to help and support the school and the staff.

Webmaster/Social Media Chair : Seeking a volunteer


Fundraising and Event Planning Coordinator, Jenny  :greengablesptafundraising@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordinator, Christy: greengablesptavolunteers@gmail.com

I am excited to be involved in PTA again this year as Volunteer Coordinator!  I believe all parents, grandparents, and other important people in our students’ lives can make a difference at our school– whether you have one minute, one hour, or one day (or more) to commit.  Please contact me and I’ll help you find a way to get connected and involved in helping make our school and our students’ experiences the best they can be.

Membership Coordinator : Seeking a volunteer


Speaker Chair, Tracy  greengablesptasponsor@gmail.com

I am passionate about education!  I have been educating people in one form or another for over 16 years.  I have successfully created and run educational programming on various topics and have taught at the college level.  As a mom of a Green Gables student and the Speaker Chair for Green Gables Elementary School I wish to bring quality and relevant information to parents, teachers and the community through entertaining speakers.   Please drop me a line and let me know how I can make this year at Green Gables excellent for you.  I look forward to meeting you at at PTA meeting soon.