Lucky Tweets:

Did you know that Lucky Tweets?

He does! Under the handle of @teamGGES.  Do you  know who else tweets?  Our superintendent and a  whole bunch of educational resources tweet! Stay up to date on what’s happening right now in under 140 characters. Yes, 140 characters. It’s like a busy person’s oasis!

It’s not all bad out there on twitter! You get to build your own Personal Learning network filled with twitters and tweets that you care about.  October is twitter month and the Jeffco Ed Tech has engaged in a three week challenge to help people get tweeting.

Here are some resources we gathered for you about tweeting. –

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Have you wondered if clipping and clicking is worth it?

Is it worth it to Clip and Click your Box Tops?

The answer is YES! Last week a couple of Parents came together to gather up all of the Box Tops you have been clipping and saving and submitted $500.00 worth of Box Tops for the Fall Submission. Our goal for the year is to submit $1,000.00 !

How can you help?

  • Keep Clipping and saving those Box Tops for the Spring
  • Take advantage of the Box Top App to double our and your earnings
  • Check the Box Tops for expired ones and only submit those that are still valid
  • Turn in your Box Tops to the school front desk or containers through out the school
  • Ask your family and friends to save them up for our kiddos
  • Volunteer in the spring to help us prepare the Spring submission.

Did you know the Box Top App has coupons?

They have both digital coupons and printed coupons. See more information here

Have you used the Box Top App?

Here is how it works:

  • You download the app from the apple store or google play.
  • You review the items on the list and go shopping.
  • Once you have received your receipt you select the items from the app -> scan your receipt -> select process

What did I think:

  • It’s pretty easy once you understand what they need to see in the scan of your receipt.  It took me three tries to get my receipt accepted, but it was pretty painless. Make sure that your date of sale, line items, receipt total and store are clearly identified in the picture you took  of your receipt.
  • The app provides clear feedback on why your receipt was not processed. For example: Items not found or total missing. It also sends you an email to your Box Top account.
  • I purchased three items  on the app (35 items were eligible). Green Gables earned $1.00 on three items my family purchased.  I can quickly see that  money in the school account.  That was probably easier then cutting, saving, and gluing.

Why Box Tops:

Green Gables has been participating in the Box Top program since 2013. We have earned $7,257.13 over the last 4 years. That’s ALOT of box tops!  Now, some would say it’s not worth the effort. I say I eat the products anyhow I might as well help out the school.

During our experiment I only purchased 3 out of the 35 eligible app products on the list. It took me three tries to get the receipt to process ….but we have a dollar in our Green Gables account. Noone had to clip.. and I have 3 box tops to turn in on a collection sheet in January . So my vote is give it a try.


Here is some more info on the program:

  • Participating Products
  • Collection Sheets
    • Turn Clipping into a Math or Art exercise:
      • Estimate the number that you have stored.
      • Organize in 10’s
      • Use a chart or graph
      • Guess how much we will collect this year.  (When was our highest year, what is our average, how can we improve)
      • Calculate your savings when you combine the app, coupons, and store coupons.
      • Design your own collection sheet
  • Coupons


Keep on Clipping Leprechauns! Keep on Clipping and Clicking!

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That’s A Read-A-Thon Wrap

Thank you all for participating in the 2017 Read-A-Thon we had some great minutes tracked throughout the school and we will were able to raise funds for well needed library upgrades.

Here is your breakdown:

  • 291 Readers
  • 175,450 minutes read (Yes, All teachers will dye their hair green on Oct 20th)
  • 326 Sponsors
  • $8,709.95 ( This is huge for us! The money we receive will go directly to upgrading the Green Gables Library)

All readers who fund raised have Rat bucks to spend in the Read-A-Thon store. Please do this by end of business on Oct 18th. Log in to your reader’s account and click shop for prizes. The prizes will be shipped to us and distributed through school in the next few weeks.

**Parents, If you aren’t interested in more toys in your house, feel free to shop for prizes and donate them to the PTA for use in activities throughout the year, just contact us and let us know!


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Explore our library from Jeffco Connect

Did you know you can explore our Green Gables library from your Jeffco Connect site?

You can! Let’s take a look at how you can earn those extra raffle tickets for exploring new genres, reading a new book, an ebook or simply picking out the right level book for your kiddo!

Steps to complete:

  1. Log into Jeffco Connect
  2. From the left side menu select District Library
  3. Select Elementary schools
  4. Select Green Gables Elementary from the dropdown
  5. Enter any word in the search criteria to open up our library page
  6. Logging in will open up more options for you to explore
    1. User ID: Your student ID (located on the Jeffco Connect home page in the student information window  or on any report card)
    2. Password: The last four digits of your student ID
  7. You then can start to explore from the menu : Ebooks, book by level, book by genre

NOTE: On your mClass report your kiddo had a TRC Reading level. Here is a helpful link to convert that reading level to an AR or lexile level .   Using our library search you can search by Lexile level or AR Level  for reading level appropriate books for your kiddo. Research has shown that having a child read at their level improves confidence. Let’s be honest though as long as they reading… whatever they are reading ….that is a good thing.. Right? If you don’t want to be so technical about reading  levels the IPICK method also helps kiddo select a book from the library.




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How do I earn more chances to win the daily raffle prizes?

For the next 13 days we will be participating in our Fall Read-A-Thon fundraiser.

To earn more raffle tickets for chances to win weekly and daily prizes complete the raffle tickets on the blue sheet sent home in Friday 9/22 folder. Bring  the raffle tickets to the school and place them in the jar at the front desk in the morning.

Here are some resources to help you achieve those extra raffle tickets:

Let us know your tips and tricks for enjoying reading in your comments

Read on Little Leprechauns Read on!

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This is a Rat Race you will want to run !


Have you set up your Read-A-Thon account up yet? Everybody is a winner just for setting up an account!

Drop Everything and read will happen September 25th.

Get those kids ready to read! 

Did you know? 

  • Every student at Green Gables will receive a  bookmark! Every child is also entered into the daily raffle.
  •  The top readers and top fundraisers will be entered into weekly drawings for large prizes.
  • Raffle Prizes: Week 1

    • 9/25 –  Movie Theater Pass
    • 9/25 – Drop Everything and read bonus drawing – Target gift card $10
    • 9/26-  2 rounds of putter pride
    • 9/27-  $10 Magills Gift Card
    • 9/28 – $15 Tattered Cover Gift Card
    • 9/29- Cozy Shamrock Blanket
  • Week 1 drawing – The Top 2 Readers and Fundraisers from each grade will be entered into a drawing for an E-reader tablet. The top 2 readers from each grade will receive a clip on book light.
  • Raffle Prizes: Week 2

    • 10/2- Movie Theater Pass
    • 10/3 – 2 rounds of golf at putter pride
    • 10/4- $10.00 Magill’s gift card
    • 10/5- $15.00 Tattered Cover Gift card
    • 10/6 – Reading Bean Bag Chair
  • Week 2 Drawing- The Top 2 Readers  and fund raisers from each grade will be entered into a drawing for an Ereader. The top 2 readers and fundraisers from each grade will receive a book fair gift card..

Top Class: Oct 12th PJ Popcorn Party and Teacher receives a gift card bundle

Top Fund Raisers ($300+) – Limo Ride to Pizza 10/20 and photos on the PTA board

Top Readers – 2 per grade – Photos in the library

Top Readers- Over 1000 min  10/20 Evening Carnival movie party with family

Rat Bucks- All participants who create a page get to pick a prize from the RAT online store.

School wide– If the school reaches their goal of reading 150,000 minutes all teachers will dye their hair green.



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Read- A- Thon: 2017

Our Fall Fund Raiser will kick off with our second annual Read-A-Thon on September 25th!


We will be starting on:



If you did not receive your personal code please contact with your child’s name and teacher.

Set up is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Go to – From your tablet, computer, or phone
  2. Create your profile with your secure secret code provided in your September 15th Friday Folder
  3. Start tracking your reading minutes and sessions

Stay tuned for daily raffle prizes, resources, and awards for the top readers and top fundraisers!

Tips for Getting Started:

  1. If you have more then one child at the school:
    • Set up both children under the same email account
    • You will be able to switch between the accounts by using the
  2.  If you want to add minutes to your child’s account from  your phone:
    • From child’s main page select
    • Send yourself a text and have your code handy
    • Enter your code
    • Click on the Start a Reading Session

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Last Day of School: How you can continue to help the PTA raise funds

As we end the 2017/2018 school year we would like to hear from you!

Please take a moment to take our 2017/2018 PTA survey so that we can plan for next year’s festivities- .

If you are wondering how you can help us continue raise funds during the summer months. Don’t forget to…

  • Utilize our  shutterfly store page for all of your photos and memories
  • Order your goods from our Amazon Smile page
  • Save those box tops and use the Box Top app! Though we did not have a collection this year we are happy to take your saved up box tops and turn them in over the summer contact us and we will arrange pickup. Don’t know how to use the app see this blog post where we actually tried it out! It was pretty easy and came with Coupons!
  • Save those milk tops from Longmont Dairy. We will have a collection box in the fall in the main hallway next year. Information from the program can be found here .
  • Register for the Jefferson County Library Summer Reading Program by June 1st, and help us be in the running for $800.00 for our school. This program  is free and there are prizes for the kids to earn thru their summer reading journey.

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Teacher Appreciation Week

As the school year quickly comes to a close and we wrap up Teacher Appreciation Week we wanted to recognize our sponsors and volunteers who took the extra step to volunteer their services and time to help us thank the staff at Green Gables Elementary. We appreciate our staff and thank you for all of your hard work over the school year. A shout out to sponsors and volunteers that helped pull off this very special week:

  • Teachers enjoyed a lunch brought in from Brodo Italian Scratch Kitchen located in Belmar. Brodo is owned and operated by one of our very own parents and 2016/2017 PTA Board Member. Be sure to drop in this summer and experience a special cuisine and a variety of wine choices.
  • Denver Sports Medicine treated our staff to some very well deserved relaxation time. Denver Sports Medicine is located right here in Lakewood offering Chiropractic and Massage services. They help support our school and National Neighborhood Night out event. Thank you Denver Sports Medicine for bringing a little peace to our staff! Be sure to visit them and their specials they offer residents of the area this summer.
  • Karol Paul joined the staff of Denver Sports Medicine and offered Reflexology sessions to our staff. Karol is a certified Reflexologist from the American Board of Reflexology. Karol’s daughter has attended Green Gables for the last 5 years. Karol says she loves the school and especially the teachers. Karol states that teachers work so hard and stay so humble. They deserve all the recognition we can give them. “I was happy to offer reflexology for teachers on Teacher appreciation week. It is a small gesture of thanks to them for all they do for our children.Thanks, Green gables Teachers you are the best!!!!”
  • New York Bagels brought in Bagels for our teachers to enjoy for breakfast. They are located off of Wadsworth and as a former East coaster I can verify that they are the closest to the real deal in town.

Our PTA volunteers and families organized thank you notes and a taco bar for all of the staff.

We are looking forward to a great 2017/2018 school year.




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Are you interested in a Track Club for 2017/2018

Wonderful parents of Green Gables students. I Mrs. Miner the Physical Education Teacher at Green Gables is putting out feelers to see if anyone would be interested in helping me run a Track Club after school fall of 2017. It would run end of August through October with practice being two days a week. If you are interested and could commit your time please email me at

Please contact her if you are interested in participating.

Thank you

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