Guest Speaker| Don Mosley | Preventing Childhood Abuse

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10/24/17 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Please join us for our October Guest Speaker: Don Mosley, Director Ralston House

Date: October 24th  6:00- 8:00

Topic: Preventing Childhood Abuse

Join us to hear from Don Mosely, Executive Director of the Ralston House, about important and urgent things you can do to help protect your children and other children you know.  A sobering but also empowering presentation intended “to raise awareness about the dangers of childhood abuse, recognize perpetrator behaviors, and ways to help keep children safer.”  For more information, please visit  Childcare will be provided; presentation is not intended for children.

Here is what a parent had to say about this speech “I saw this presentation at a work event last year– it was really powerful, sobering, and scary, but it also made me so much more aware of things that all of us can do to be vigilant in protecting our children from sexual predators.  The presenter talks about strategies for empowering ourselves and our children; I learned a lot of information and a lot of suggestions.  One of the big things I took away was that child predators spend ALL of their waking hours planning how and when and where they will find their next victims.  But we have power too, by working to ensure that the organizations to whom we entrust our children are safe places.  We are all in this together, and if each of us is asking tough and sometimes uncomfortable questions and insisting on safe situations for all of our kids (at school, in sports teams, in church youth groups, in clubs and organizations, online, etc.), it will help create environments where all of our kids are safer.”